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<aside> 🌍 We are located in Ghent, Belgium. We encourage you to apply wherever you are located since most of our team is international!


At Stampix we believe your photos deserve a place in the real world. We’ve now turned almost 10 million photos (=moments that matter) into tangible and priceless memories that bring value & joy to people’s lives.

It’s our mission to take away all barriers for printing photos. We achieve this through a unique business model, whereby we partner with brands like Disney, Orange & Budweiser, and help them build emotional loyalty with photo rewards.

Your role

You are the first point of contact for potential buyers and therefore have a direct impact on revenue. You are responsible for generating qualitative sales leads and opportunities in The Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking Belgian market. During intense training, you will learn to identify the right companies, perform industry specific research and reach out to prospects with a creative message that convinces them to take on a call with you. By excelling in your role you will have a big impact on the company’s growth and lay the foundation for your own professional growth and an exciting career in sales. You will work closely with and learn from senior sales team members and report directly to our Founder & CEO.


Become an industry expert and perform research on target accounts & prospects. It’s your job to be well educated and be informed on the latest trends and best practices so that you can provide your accounts with relevant information.


Create a message that attracts the prospect’s attention and convinces them to take on a call with you. Write and test your own mail funnels to finetune to the best converting journey. You’ll have full autonomy in cold calling by creating your own call script, based on the Stampix’ USPs. You’ll be active on Linkedin to create your own professional network.


Brainstorm with the Sales Team on which strategy to use for different industries & how to tailor your messages for maximum resonance. Keep track of your performance and never stop learning. You will become a master of the art and science of sales.